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As a head writer for S#!TSHOW, Kyle has demonstrated an excellent passion for hard work and a dedication to improving our writer's room. He is always filled with fresh ideas, and keeps the whole team on their feet. Kyle is very attentive and is never one to slack off, but rather makes sure he is always working on something. - Bailey Davis, Director of S#!TSHOW

Kyle immediately leaps out as a brilliant mind. He’s extremely smart. He wrote a great script that was very clever, very hip (which is very unusual), and we all laughed appreciatively when we read it. I gave Kyle my highest rating, which is “professional potential”, and told him to get in touch with me if I could be of any help to him, which is why I am writing this recommendation. And he’s not just smart at writing either. Kyle can do anything. He is polite and thoughtful. I give Kyle my highest recommendation.  - Steve Zacharias, Screenwriter; Revenge of the Nerds, Happy Days, All in the Family

Kyle Ferris is a fine, hardworking young man. He works well with others and always has a positive attitude. - Eric Simon, Director at The Annoyance Theater


Kyle Ferris hails from the little town of Littleton, Colorado (voted best place to raise a family in America by USA Today). As a child, he became involved in theater as way to be better than his older brother at something, and subsequently brought down the house as the King in a 4th grade production of Cinderella. Since moving to Chicago, he has taken on several more intense productions.


Chief among these is S#!TSHOW, a political satire show released through Facebook. As head writer, this show has brought Kyle numerous opportunities, such as travelling to Washington D.C. to cover Trump’s inauguration. His work with S#!TSHOW has been covered by numerous publications, including The Hill, The Huffington Post, and The Young Turks. Photos from their event "Chicago Moons the Trump Tower" were included in CNN’s “Photos of the Year”.



Kyle is also involved in the sketch and improv communities around Chicago, performing with the improv team “Have You Ever Heard of This Band Neutral Milk Hotel?” and assistant directing the sketch team “DOPEamine!”. He has performed at numerous venues across the city, including The Second City, The Annoyance Theater, The Playground Theater, The Crowd, and The Haus.


Beyond performing, Kyle is also an adept at writing, contributing weekly satirical articles to The Black Sheep Online, several of which have reached #1 nationwide. He has also written an original sitcom pilot script and a spec script for the Netflix show Bojack Horseman, both of which are viewable on this site.


This last Fall Kyle concluded his education with the Comedy Studies Program, a semester-long intensive program taught at The Second City. With this, Kyle’s comedic voice and determination to succeed in comedy grew even stronger, and has lead him to this Starbuck’s where he sits typing up his website bio. He is available for script punch-up, acting gigs, directing jobs, or anything else you think he’d be good for.